We’ll get you to the finish line first, employing our stealthiest programming and milling techniques. Our powerhouse internal CAM software and high end machining capabilities allow you to focus on weight reduction over manufacturability, without ever having to sacrifice performance or safety. From there, our CAMplete post processing software gives us a key competitive edge to ensure the rapid turn around time you need so you can get back to racing.. and winning.

Consumer Electronics

We started this company because of our passion and desire to bring consumer visions to life, to a level and standard that was and still is unparalleled in the industry. Whether it’s a complex prototype part or more robust production scale in mind, contact us with your idea and see the difference the Miltera approach and people could make in bringing your vision from paper to life.


We understand that to stay on top in the Aerospace industry, you need the finest precision in the world and the fastest turnaround time. We broaden the realm of possibilities and nail the tolerances that even our competitors say are impossible, with our top of the line 5-axis machining and unmatched tool-holding expertise. Our dedication and resourcefulness mean that your complex parts will be in your hands when you need them, and you will always feel confident in the level of precision and accuracy in each part.


Our sub-micron CMM measurement capabilities enable us to meet even the most stringent of inspection requirements, while our high level of agility in machining means we can achieve the tolerances needed to create medical prototypes with the power to change lives.