Alicona uCMM

The Alicona µCMM is the first purely optical CMM machine used to measure extremely tight tolerances with high accuracy. Combining the advantages of tactile coordinate measuring technology and optical surface measuring technology to measure the dimension, position, shape and roughness of components with only one sensor.


  • Measurement Principle: non-contact, three dimensional, based on Focus-Variation
  • Travel Speed of Axes: Up to 100 mm/s
  • 9 Temperature Sensors, 3 Vibration Sensors
  • Accuracy:
  • Multi Measurement = (0.8 + L/600) μm
  • Single Measurement = (0.15 + L/50) μm

GFMS Mikron HSM 400uLP

The Mikron HSM 400uLP (MILL S series) is a high performance linear motor 5-Axis machine.  Without ballscrews to hinder performance, the 400uLP is able to maintain precise adherence to the specified tool path even under extremely high feed rates.


  • Travel (X,Y,Z): 500 x 240 x 360mm
  • Direct Drive 5-Axis with Linear Motors
  • 42,000 rpm HSK E40 Spindle
  • 60 m/min Linear Speed (2362 in/min)
  • Blum Laser Tool Measurement
  • M&H In-Process Touch Probe
  • 68 Tools
  • Integrated into Linear Robotic Cell

GFMS Mikron HPM 450u

The Mikron HPM 450U is a powerful 5-axis machine for universal, automated production which perfectly combines dynamics and stability.  The excellent ergonomics and pallet changer make this an ideal machine for prototyping.


  • Travel (X,Y,Z): 600 x 450 x 450m
  • Direct Drive 5-Axis
  • 20,000 rpm HSK A63 Spindle with CTS
  • 22 m/min Linear Speed (866 in/min)
  • Blum Laser Tool Measurement
  • M&H In-Process Touch Probe
  • 60 Tools
  • 7 Position Pallet Changer
Mikron Mill P 800 U

GFMS Mikron MillP 800uST

The Mikron Mill P 800u ST is a unique machine combining dynamic 5-axis milling with simultaneous turning capability at up to 800rpm. The combination of milling and turning technology in a single machine achieves optimal productivity, accuracy and cost effectiveness. Being able to fully machine components on a single machine eliminates transfer-related part runout and errors and increases finished part quality.  Due to its stable construction and directly drive chilled rotary and tilt axis circular and swiveling axes, the Mikron Mill P 800 U ST can be used for anything from heavy roughing work to precise finishing work.


  • Travel (X,Y,Z): 800 x 800 x 500mm
  • 20,000 rpm HSK T63 with CTS
  • 800 rpm C-Axis Turning
  • 45 m/min Linear Speed
  • Blum Laser Tool Measurement
  • Tacticle Turning Tool Measurement
  • M&H In-Process Touch Probe
  • 120 Tools
  • Integrated into Linear Robotic Cell

Nakamura WT150II

The WT-Series turning centers are the most diverse range of dual turret multi-tasking turning centers available today. These versatile machines are used in the medical, electronics and aerospace industries. With upper and lower 24 station turrets, complete families of parts can be machined with minimal setup times. Nakamura-Tome offers standard conversational programming on all multi-tasking models.


  • Up to 26kW cutting power available for turning shaft-work with synchronized spindles. (Left spindle motor 15/11kW, Right spindle motor 11/7.5kW)
  • Driven-Tool Motor Power 5.5/3.7kW, for heavy cutting with small tools.
  • With upper / lower turret construction, 4-axis machining as well as various other machining combinations possible on either spindle
  • With up to 24-tools per turret,48 tools can be permanently available.

Mazak QTN250II

The QUICK TURN NEXUS 250-II MSY CNC Turning Center with Multi-Tasking capability brings together advanced technology, productivity and value to deliver exceptional performance for shops of all sizes. As an (MSY) configuration, this machine offers the greatest versatility available in the QTN series. The machine features milling and Y-axis capability as well as a second turning spindle to process parts in DONE IN ONE® operations.

Plus, the machine is equipped with the MATRIX NEXUS 2 CNC that features MAZATROL conversational programming and EIA-ISO programming.


  • Powerful main turning spindle
  • Rotary tool milling spindle
  • Y-axis capability
  • CNC programmable tailstock
  • Through-hole chuck packages
  • Automatic tool eye
  • Easy integration of bar feeders and gantry robots

Zeiss Micura CMM

Our ZEISS MICURA is located in an isolated inspection laboratory with a dedicated HVAC system with 5 temperature averaging sensors maintaining temperature stability of 21ºC +/- 1 º Celsius. 

Additionally a workpiece temperature sensor allows compensation of workpiece temperature variation from ambient.


  • Accuracy: 0.7 + L/400 μm
  • Smallest stylus diameter: 0.3mm
  • Travel: X, Y, Z (500, 500, 500)
  • Ceramic guideways and a large bearing base minimize susceptibility to external influences
  • Computer-Aided Accuracy (CAA) - Measuring errors due to dynamically induced inertia effects are automatically compensated for greater accuracy

Zeiss Centermax CMM

Our CenterMax navigator is directly integrated into a production line. Vibrations from processing centers are effectively damped. Its variable workpiece base makes it ideal for automated loading.


  • Accuracy: 0.8 μm
  • Temperature stability from +15ºC to +40ºC
  • Pneumatic vibration insulation
  • Helix scanning
  • Dynamic stylus calibration