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Miltera Billet Turbo

  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminium
  • CAM Software: CAMplete Port, Internal CAD/CAM Software, CAMplete TruePath
  • Machine Tools: GFMS Mikron HPM800uHD, GFMC Mikron HSM400U
  • Cutting Tools: Emuge Franken, Sowa
  • Setups:
  • Work Holding: System 3R MacroHP

The Bespoke Billet Aluminum Miltera Designed Turbo

This turbo was fully designed and manufactured in house. Designed and Programmed with our own internal CAD/CAM software the ran through CAMplete’s advanced post processing software to ensure quality toolpaths before cutting.


Miltera Billet TurboMiltera Turbo housing 2Miltera Turbo Impeller 1

Miltera Billet Turbo

Miltera Turbo housing 2

Miltera Turbo Impeller 1


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